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Original on Transparent.png

You provide the photo and we'll send you a completely unique puzzle in any style you choose to give as a gift or for yourself !

Not sure what is possible ?? .............. 

Pretty much anything !! 

From this nice but normal photo 
Original photo to be transformed into unique personalised jigsaw

the photo doesn't have to be recent, it's quite fun to put a younger you in the frame

To any of these awesome jigsaw puzzles....
Suzie star_JIGSAW.png
Curly superhero jigsawed.png
Third jigsaw puzzle being a unique personalised gift
Free delivery Australia wide
Estimated delivery time is 2 weeks
Click here to visit our ideas gallery. Choose a design you like or use them as inspiration.
2 steps to order the most unique gift you'll ever give.

Step 1.    Choose the size of the puzzle and the number of people you'd like in the picture (click on the tile below)

Step 2.     Provide a photo for each person in the picture

The only limit is your imagination or you can borrow ours.

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