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Turn this photo .............
Into any of these completely YouNique puzzles
happy_hippy Curly.jpg
Image by bao sabrina

Let's create something totally

What situation or setting  should the hero (recipient) be in. Think sports, hobby, location, time in history, random stuff. Let your imagination run free.

Keep it PG please and sorry, no trademark infringements.


Can't think of anything ??

That's Ok, choose from our selection.

**This will over ride any text above.

Select an option (this will override your description above)

Now we need a reference photo for each person. They should be of only that person (or cropped to be) so that we can identify them without doubt.

No sunglasses, hats or facial coverings please unless you want them in the jigsaw.

* Please ensure file size is 1-5MB

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

If you have any other special requests, the comments box is the place to leave them.

Important note 

Please read and check box below

By placing this order you are confirming that you have permission to use the photo provided to place the subject in the outlined situation. Furthermore, you believe that this gift will be agreeable to the receiver and is not being created with malicious intent.

Free shipping in Australia

Thanks for ordering!

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